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The best beach fishing north of Perth Smile    Shark
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From Perth to Jurien Bay you can catch just about any fish from the beaches along the coast
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The Western Australia holds some of the best fishing grounds in the country. Its remoteness and low population in relation to its great size mean that most of the coastline is seldom fish. The west coast most popular fish caught are: Tailor, tommy-ruff often referred to as a herring, mulloway, whiting, trevally, snapper, sweetlips, bluebone groper, and queenfish. Next page Beach Fishing  Contact

Fishing rig
This is simple rig I use fishing rocks on the beach, just walk around the rocks and jiggle the bite in the rock-holes and carvences and you will catch fish like rock cod, wrasses, angelfish, and just about anything.
  WA Beach fishing. Fishing Western Australia

The long beaches of Western Australia make surf fishing available to everyone, the hot summers encourage thousands of people to the beaches at dawn and dusk when the best fish are caught. I believe that no fish is too big to be landed on rod and reel from the shore, provided you will use Alvey reel and right fishing rod. Fish


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Small wrasse very tasty fish
Skipjack trevally 5pm and the same fish 1 hour later.Smaile

Great fishing, Jurien bay to Leeman
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