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The best beach fishing is in Western Australia Smile    Shark
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WA offers the best fishing in Australia
To see some Big fish caught off the rocks go to "Big Fish"
Western Australia beach fishing

Fishing Western Australia
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The Western Australia holds some of the best fishing grounds in the country. Its remoteness and low population in relation to its great size mean that most of the coastline is seldom fish. The west coast most popular fish caught are: Tailor, tommy-ruff often referred to as a herring, mulloway, whiting, trevally, snapper, sweetlips, bluebone groper, and queenfish. Next page Beach Fishing  Contact

This are my favourite knots and rigs (gang of hooks) I'm using.
Simple and effective Fishing Knot
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Gang of three hooks this is the only rig i use. This rig will catch big and small fish, it catches all.Smaile
Gang Hooks
  WA Beach fishing. Fishing Western Australia
Western Australia Beach FishingWestern Australia Beach Fishing
FishingCatching big fish is not that hard the problem is what to do with it, my suggestions is simple let it go, just take the measurements and photos and let the fish swim. Big fish aren't good to eat any way, too big to cook.FishingFishing

The long beaches of Western Australia make surf fishing available to everyone, the hot summers encourage thousands of people to the beaches at dawn and dusk when the best fish are caught. I believe that no fish is too big to be landed on rod and reel from the shore, provided you will use Alvey reel and right fishing rod. Fish


Fishing reels I’m using: Alvey 7" and 6.5" best reels ever anything else is just rubbish Fish

Fishing Reel Alvey
Fishing Reel Alvey

Alvey reels are built to last I can't even remember when I bought main never clean it or wash it, sorry I washed it in salt-water to wash the sand off that’s all, and the reels work like new. Fish

    I know....Smaile to keep your reel in good condition you should:
    1. Rinse your reel in fresh-water after fishing.
    2. Lubricate all moving parts with Alvey oil or sewing machine oil, but best works Cork Grease you can buy it in a music store Cork Grease
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More River

The secret is out. Smaile Rigging up a fishing line, this is the rig I’m using most.   WA Beach Fishing

Rigging up

This rig guarantee to catch the big ones. This is the top catch fish off the beach - Mulloway.

Mulloway grows to around 2m long and weight about 60kg.
Best time to catch Mulloway is on high tide between dusk and two hours after dark. Some of the best places to fish for Mulloway are in the surf along the channels in and around the mouths of the estuaries.
Fish Mulloawy FishSmaile

occur along the coas from about Rockhampton around through the more temperate waters to Carnarvon. It is often found in schools, bites well and is rated as a good eating fish. Some Mulloway are taken in daylight, but they are necturnal hunters and are mostly caoght between late afternoon and early morning. Fishing for big Mulloway calls for a good deal of knowledge of the habits of the species, solid tackle and good skills to handle it.

West Coast Fishing, WA Beach Fishing. Fishing Western Australia

Around 80km north of Perth is a small town Guilderton (More River) with long golden beaches, to the north of the town we have place called 3 mile reef a perfect place for fishing and camping.Reef Most common species are: Tailor, Tommy-ruff called Herring by locals, Mulloway, and if you are lucky you can catch just about anything from this reef. Fish
Three mile reef a perfect place for fishing and camping.
Some places north of Perth great for family holidays and fishing or any other activities.
stingrayGuildertonGuilderton great place for a family holiday with a very good caravan park, situated at the mouth of the Moore River, beautiful beaches and great fishing spots.
SeabirdNext in line is Seabird small town with excellent beach and nice PUB - best fish and chips.Seabird
Ledge Point Ledge Point is another small town to the north of Perth, good place to stop.
LancelinThe town of Lancelin, 127 km north of Perth on Western Australia's Turquoise Coast is one of the state's best kept holiday secrets. Great PUB'S. Sandboarding on sand dunes , and wonderful beaches.
Wedge IslandWedge Island its former crayfishing shacks settlement surrounded by sand dunes and water. It is popular for four wheels driving, fishing and relaxing.Wedge IslandWedge IslandWedge IslandWedge Island
PinnaclesPinnacles desert, Grey Lobster Shackss GreyCervantes is a crayfishing town and is renowned for its fresh crayfish. Lots of fun and lots to do around these places.
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Western Australia Beach fishing
Best fishing in the country